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LithoLyte 10 mEq

Water & Beverage Enhancer

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Enhance your water or beverage with 10 mEq of citrate without added flavor or calories.

•10x the citrate of most beverages • Made in the USA • Free Shipping on all orders


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WATER Enhancer

How to Use

Tear open anywhere along the stick.

Mix 1-2 sticks in 16oz of water.

Shake well or stir every few minutes.

Enjoy healthy kidneys.



Potassium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate

Sodium Bicarbonate

Total Citrate*

* or bicarbonate as a citrate equivalent



Every serving of LithoLyte contains 10 mEq citrate, and the Water Enhancer is no exception. This special formulation of citrates is designed to add no flavor to water, so you won’t even know it’s there.



Everyone knows that staying hydrated with water is important for kidney health. That’s why the Water Enhancer is designed to add no flavor and no calories to the clean, pure water you already love.

Water Enhancer


We want you to have flexibility in how you are supplementing citrate in the diet. With water, juice, tea, and coffee, we’re making it simple to add citrate to your diet.

The Water Enhancer contains sodium in the form of sodium bicarbonate. This is great for alkalinizing the urine. Don’t worry, the amount of sodium in a single stick is less than 2% of the recommended daily value.

Yes. Every serving of any LithoLyte product contains 10 mEq of citrate or citrate equivalents. All are the same strength.

Magnesium is strong binder of oxalate. Combined with citrate, it’s an excellent way to increase urine citrate. It’s not enough magnesium to cause stomach upset though.