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Simple & easy, non-prescription citrate

This product has completely changed my life!... my doctor gave this to me as part of my treatment plan. Absolutely a game changer.
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The Best Citrate for Kidney Health

Your kidneys need more than just water, supplements, or citrus juices to stay healthy. Each LithoLyte serving contains 10 mEq of active citrate*, up to 10x more than store bought citrus juices.

*or citrate equivalents
Water Enhancer | Features

A Simple Citrate Source

Zero Calorie

Most store-bought beverages are loaded with calories and sugar which can lead to poor kidney health. There’s no need to worry with LithoLyte.

Zero Taste

Our unique water enhancer blend mixes easily and is virtually tasteless. Two sticks can be mixed in a 16oz water bottle with the same tasteless effect.

Easy Hydration

Studies show that many people struggle to obtain adequate daily hydration. Rather than pills or supplements, get the added benefit of hydration by drinking your citrate.

Daily Use


Choose your own daily dose of kidney health and save up to 20% every month.

More Citrate

Citrate For Any Beverage

Now choose from juice, coffee, or tea for kidney health.

Juice & Sports Drink Enhancer

LithoLyte Coffee

Tea Enhancer

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This is a dietary supplement. Use under medical supervision.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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