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LithoLyte® 1-Pack Subscription (60 sticks every month)

ZERO TASTE | ZERO CALORIE: There’s no taste or added flavoring. 

Mix 1-2 sticks in a 16oz bottle of cold water. Use under medical supervision.

Cancel any time. *Subscriptions are shipped monthly until modified under my account.

$23.99 / month

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Supporting healthy kidneys should be easy. That’s why there’s LithoLyte®.

Citrate, derived from citrus fruits and juices, is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Maintaining a normal urinary citrate is vital for kidney health. Using our citrate-based technology, we nutritionally enhance everyday foods and beverages with essential citrates while keeping their other basic qualities the same*.

Now when you use LithoLyte products, you can be sure you’re elevating urinary citrate, and supporting normal kidney function*. Visit us at to find out more.

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